Narrative Poetry

A thrilling poem.

Photo by Julien Tondu on Unsplash

In front of you, a multitude of people.

Unfamiliar faces, different lives.

How can you tell who’s going to live or die?

You’re just walking to the store with nothing to fear.

But beware, my friend, the danger is constant and danger is near.


Narrative poetry about two brothers

Foto de Madison Inouye en Pexels

The dime in my pocket
Had fallen downstairs
And then I was distracted
Fallen hearts were there

From four beating hearts
There were only two left
My brother and I
Our fathers were dead

Or that’s what I thought
Mother was still alive
Grasping for breath
While closing her eyes

Don’t leave him alone
But let him be
Don’t show him the world
But let him live
The best fightS you can win
Are the ones who don’t start
If you let him leave
You will let him die.

Our arms went around her
We held her close
For she had given…


The journey of a pianist

Foto de cottonbro en Pexels

Somewhere around the world, not so long ago, a music teacher was showing their students a piano for the first time. Most of them were about 13 years old, some taller, some smaller. The classroom wasn’t as big as it should have been, there were many chairs for there were many students.

Though the walls were black, the white keys from the piano shined like nothing else thanks to that one spotlight in the middle of the classroom. Beautiful melodies were born from the movements made by the teacher’s hand.

“This is the song you will learn to play with…


The mouth could be a viable medium for the virus to enter the body directly

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Researchers at the University of São Paulo’s Medical School in Brazil (FM-USP) analyzed samples from three types of salivary glands of patients who died because of COVID-19 complications.

According to the Ph.D. candidate at USP’s dental school, Bruno Fernandes Matuck.

This is the first report of a respiratory virus that can infect and replicate in salivary glands.

It was thought before that only certain viruses, such as herpes, could use salivary glands as reservoirs.

Since SARS-CoV-2 is more infectious than other respiratory viruses, researchers elaborated a hypothesis:

It may replicate in cells of the salivary glands and therefore be present…


A quick explanation about respiration

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

Breathing is quite strange, you cannot stop breathing consciously. If you wanted to die by not breathing you would need to surgically remove a mass from your brain stem that handles that reflex.

Anthony Jackson

Medical student, writer, and poet. I hope you welcome my words inside your heart.

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