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Narrative Poetry

A thrilling poem.

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In front of you, a multitude of people.

Unfamiliar faces, different lives.

How can you tell who’s going to live or die?

You’re just walking to the store with nothing to fear.

But beware, my friend, the danger is constant and danger is near.


A poem about my mother

Foto de Nicolas Postiglioni en Pexels

Thanks to you, I’m alive.
I breathe because you help me stand.
I cry because you taught me once.
That to cry means to let it go.

Nine months, 273 days, you carried my soul.
But then, you set me free, I was born.
You fed me and heard my cry.
You saw my eyes and my innocent eyes.

The roles changed, I grew up.
You protected me, now it was my turn.
To step between you and the enemy.
To protect you from dad’s devilry.

You are a strong woman. You took care of me.
Cared about my education, cared…

Source — By Pixabay on Pexels

A short poem

In this world, there’s a crazy life to live.
Filled with hunters, and filled with prey.
How do you know which one you are?

Shoot to kill.
Run to hide.
Live or…

Anthony Jackson

Medical student, writer, and poet. I hope you welcome my words inside your heart.

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